Getting Started with Content Marketing


Content Marketing Defined

What is Content Marketing +

How Does it Help my Business?

You need to reach your customers. You're already trying paid ads and social posts. But you're still not getting the reach and return you need.


Content Marketing is the process of creating valuable, relevant content specifically to attract, acquire, and engage your customers.

The fact is:

Content marketing is a powerful asset for building your brand awareness, trustworthiness, and expertise because it engages your audience on their terms. You aren't disrupting your potential customers, you're providing educational, purposeful, and on-brand resources that they can access as they want or need. 

Benefits of Content Marketing

Top 3 Reasons to Consider Content Marketing


Brand Awareness

Create content that's available when and where people are searching for it, increasing organic brand awareness.


Brand Loyalty

Your content is built to be evergreen, meaning you're providing consistently relevant information. This builds trust and loyalty among customers.


Lower Cost

Expand and capitalize on organic reach and inbound leads, lowering your PPC costs.

Weekly Emails include tips, tricks, and the occasional shenanigans. 

MCCreative + Content Marketing

How MCCreative can help with your Content Marketing

You need to define your business goals, build a strategy that supports them, identify your audience, build and deploy content to that audience, and measure its success.


That's a lot.

MCCreative combines the 3 major components of rock-solid Content Marketing, giving you a single resource to develop, design, and deploy your plan. We're talking content strategy, content development, and content management.

Content Strategy

Building your content strategy includes:

  • Determining your target audience. With your input and market research, we will help you build your personas - representations of your target audience - around whom your content will be developed.

  • Identifying your target channels. Where do your personas spend time? How do they do their research? Where do they shop? What times of day are they online? 

  • Identifying content types. Using your personas and ideal channels, we'll identify which content types will be most relevant and appealing to your customers for all phases of their buying journey.

Content Creation

Let's build some content! Using your strategy as the foundation, we'll create content that will position your business, be relevant and educational in various phases of the buyer journey, and acquire customers. Your content assets may include: 

  • eBooks

  • Blogs

  • Social posts

  • Infographics and charts

  • Videos

  • Cheatsheets

Content Management

Content management includes the scheduling, deployment, and measurement of your content assets. Consider factors like:

  • Email Marketing

  • Website Content

  • Paid Ads

  • Marketing calendars

  • Launch plans

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