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Email Marketing

Even the smallest business can benefit from the power of email marketing. 


In fact, 72% of U.S. adults would rather communicate with companies via email (source).

Cultivating a thriving email list means you're creating an engaged community of followers, building trust in your business, and converting customers. Traditionally-held beliefs of email marketing as a promotion channel may not yield the results you need, though. 


MCCreative will help you build email marketing campaigns that consistently deliver value and inspire conversations in order to create that engaged digital community. We will use email messaging to position your business as a resource, inspire subscribers to build a connection with you, and, ultimately, convert subscribers to customers.


Each aspect of every email requires deliberately crafted copy, timing, and execution. From building a subscriber list to writing the perfect subject line to crafting the most compelling CTAs, MCCreative will help your business build and executive business-boosting email marketing campaigns.

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How Can I Use Email Marketing?



Providing customers and potential customers with the information they need to make educated decisions builds trust in and loyalty to your business.


Whether you own a Fitness Center, an Accounting Firm or a Bed + Breakfast, people want information. Your strategy should include emails designed to position you as an expert in providing that information.

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Emails are an effective way of sharing the content you create for your website and inspiring conversations with customers and potential customers.


If you're publishing blogs, videos, infographics or eBooks, using your email marketing to share that content not only continues to position your business as a trusted source of information, but it drives traffic to your site.



Weave offers and promotions throughout your email marketing campaigns to convert recipients into customers.

A well-built email journey provides resources for customers who are researching, considering and actively buying products. Well-timed offer emails can convert potential customers into buyers.

Weekly Emails include tips, tricks, and the occasional shenanigans. 

Email Marketing Components

Journey Design

  • Frequency of emails

  • Number of emails

  • Decision splits

  • Awareness vs. Promotion

Email Copy

  • Subject line length + copy

  • Snippet line

  • Header

  • Body copy

  • Body design

  • Call-to-Action (CTA) button

A/B Testing

  • Subject line testing

  • Send time testing

  • Content block testing

  • CTA copy testing


  • Deliverable

  • Open rate

  • Click-through-rate

  • Unsubscribe

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