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How I Build Marketing + Copywriting That Work

Your partnership with MCCreative.

What can you expect from a partnership with MCCreative? We'll always start from the beginning, but here's how I typically approach my work with:

There's never a cost for a consultation.

A Content Marketing Approach to drive sustained visibility for businesses in the Hudson Valley + beyond.

Good marketing gets you seen today. Great marketing gets you seen today, tomorrow, and next year. I approach each project the ultimate goal of sustained and relevant visibility, putting your business and expertise where people are looking for it.


This is a long game, and I’m in it with you.


You'll get a marketing solution that's effective, strategic, and sustainable. because I will take these steps: 

Evaluate What You Have

A complete analysis of your existing and pipeline content will help determine both the quality and quantity of what you already have. We’ll connect each piece to the buyer phase, your goals, and your audience and identify the gaps.


Identify Your Goals

Each and every piece of content you develop should have goals. We’ll talk about what those goals are, if they’re the right goals for your business, and how we can effectively measure them.


Learn Your Audience

You may feel like you want everyone to see and hear you. But what you really want is to be seen and heard by the audience that sees the value in what you’re doing. 



Create + Deploy the Good Stuff

Let’s create some content. Using the goals we’ve set and knowledge of your target audience, and springboarding off your existing content, I’ll create the stellar content you want and deploy it on the channels where it will be seen.


Test, Measure, Repeat

No good marketing strategy is stagnant. We’ll continually test different elements, measure the results, and tweak as necessary. Using a combination of Google Analytics, website performance, paid ad performance, and social media engagement, we’ll determine what works for you – and what doesn’t.

"MCCreative has been the best money we have spent on our business to date. She is quick and efficient and incredibly well informed."

Leo J. - Electrician

Copywriting that works and converts.

Not Just the Best Marketing, the Right Marketing

You need words that work as hard as you do, and masterful Website + Conversion Copy can mean the difference between a page full of copy and page full of leads. From building out site pages to deploying landing pages, your copy should carry your audience to a desired outcome.


MCCreative understands that writing copy is actually one of the final steps of copywriting. Bringing together an understanding of why people do what they do, audience and marketing analyses, and messaging hierarchy, our approach results in copy that converts.


Learn Your Audience

Audience analysis is critical to effective copy. Understandably, you want to talk to everyone. But the thing is, not everyone wants to hear from you. We’ll identify your target audience, what state of awareness they’re in, and how we can speak directly to them.


What to Say + When to Say it

Message hierarchy, especially when writing conversion copy, is the ability to offer your message to your audience in the most optimized order. Your copy should be delivered in an order that moves your reader to the desired action. We’ll use the audience analysis to determine your message hierarchy.


Then We Write

Once we know the audience and our messaging hierarchy, we’ll begin working on your copy. We’ll create variations on headers, body copy, and CTA copy to allow for A/B testing.


Test, Test, Tweak

Deploying versions of your copy will allow us to identify which words in what combinations bring your business the most conversions. After testing variations, we will determine the ideal.

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