What's Your Leadership Content?

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

If you want to connect with people – and you should want to connect with people – simply knowing your audience won’t get you the engagement you want. Your content must create an emotive reaction, a desire to learn more. A desire to act. Your content must be compelling.

This isn’t a typical marketing piece. Yes, content is deeply embedded in marketing and content driven by data is critical to successful marketing initiatives. But today, right here, content goes beyond marketing to how you create yourself as a leader.

Think about it: you create content that reflects who you really are every single day. The words you choose to use, how you make your decisions, your actions. These are all reflective of you as a person. They are the personal content that you produce without even thinking about it. The question then? Is this subconscious content creation driving you forward or eroding your leadership?

You likely know your team. You know their individual skill set, you know their performance goals. You have the data set. But when you engage with them, or your leadership, or your peers, are you taking the important step of supplementing that data with the emotion need to compel them? What will you capitalize on to affect their behavior? To lead them?

Emotion plays a role in marketing, and it isn’t necessarily the bad guy in business. If you’re driving a team towards tough year-end performance goals, you’re going to need an emotional buy-in to get them there. It’s going to take more than managing skill sets to lead. You’ll need to tap into the reason the team wants to get there. Individually and collectively. And you’ll only find that reason if you marry the data you’ve gathered with the stimulus created by igniting emotion. When you create marketing content, you don’t just rely on data. You capitalize on the human element, too. And it’s no different when you’re creating your “leadership content”. When you're crafting the words, decisions and actions that define who you are as a leader.

Business executive meeting with team
There is a world of difference between a team that follows because you’ve told them to and the team that follows because they want to.

In engaging with your team, or your peers, if you’re not tying in that human element with the data, you may find some success. But you’ll be limiting not only the potential but yourself. Leadership isn’t about managing tasks, and you’ll never empower yourself to be seen as a leader if you simply rely on managing. There is a world of difference between a team that follows because you’ve told them to and the team that follows because they want to.

Data may be king, but like any good king it needs a fitting crown. Whether you’re creating content to drive your business or crafting your individual leadership content, make sure your data is crowned with the compelling force of human emotion.