Why Website Content Is Important (Even for a Small Business)

Updated: May 18, 2020

I hate to be the one to tell you this (especially since I know how arduous the process of building a site is), but getting your website up and running is only the beginning. Because no matter the size of your business, yes, content matters. A lot. Here are the top four reasons you should be investing time into creating high-quality website content (or hiring someone to do it).

1. Solid website content positions your business as a resource. It’s absolutely critical to remember that not everyone who visits your site is going to be ready to buy whatever product or service you’re selling. If your content is all about what you’re trying to sell, and not about how you can help potential customers, you’re missing the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to someone why you’re a trusted brand. Give people answers, provide resources, offer tips, share comparisons, highlight testimonials.

According to Full Media, "Providing users with the information that they’re looking for in a clear and easy way can help keep users on your site and increase conversions." Creating that type of content will offer value to everyone, from those just doing some web research to those who are ready to buy. And doing that builds trust with consumers.

Small business? Yep, you absolutely should be positioning yourself as a brand that offers resources and value and not just a product or service. You especially should because you don’t have the benefit of wide-spread familiarity. Across any industry, developing content on your site that positions you as a resource is important to driving brand awareness and establishing trust with customers and potential customers.

2. Your website content directly correlates to how you will rank on search engines. Yes, the great and mysterious Google. You want to rank. Even if you don’t think you want to rank, you do. When’s the last time you went through 13 pages of search results? Yeah, I can’t remember either. Google crawls your site looking for information that it thinks searchers will find valuable. And if you don’t have any valuable content on your pages, well, as you can imagine Google doesn’t like that.

Keywords, of course, play into this as well, and masterful use of keywords will also help drive your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy (more on that another day). Moz agrees: "The content of a page is what makes it worthy of a search result position."

Picture your website content as an intricate dance between you and Google: the more you learn about each other, the more beautiful and fluid the dance. You want to give search engines every sign you can via your content so they understand your business and how you can help people.

3. Well thought-out website content gives you material to build engaging social media content. A well-written blog post can be pieced out into short video clips, infographs, and quotes, then shared on your social media channels that in turn link back to your site. This is great news for you, business owner, because driving more traffic to your site is not a bad thing. In essence, your website content can be used to drive traffic from other sources back to your website. If you lack a method for creating engaging website content, though, you’re left creating traffic drivers that may or may not create a cohesive content strategy. Solid website content gives you a foundation from which you can springboard into a comprehensive content strategy.

You have to have something on your site that’ll make it worthwhile for people to visit. If you do, you can build traffic-driving material from it.

website design image
Engaging website content goes beyond design to educating consumers and building trust.

4. Because your stellar website content educates and builds trust, it will ultimately bring you customers. If your content is less-than-stellar, doesn’t offer resources and thus isn’t establishing trust, conversions are going to be harder to win. Think of your website as a map for consumers: you want to provide the information they’ll need no matter how close, or how far, from becoming customers they are. It’s not about immediately converting to sales or winning customers. It’s about becoming a trusted resource for anyone – customer or potential customer – so that when they are ready to take action they come back to you.

Just as HostGator points out, you may not have the opportunity to build strong face-to-face relationships as a small business. Building strong website content, however, can help you forge the same trust-based relationships with your site visitors.

Sounds like a lot of really good reasons to invest time into your website content, right? Unfortunately, time is something you likely don’t have a lot of. The good news is there are people out there (yep, including me) who can help you.

Content creators relish the opportunity to give your website the juice it needs to run, and run well. Whether you opt to do it yourself or bring on a resource to help you, investing in website content is one of the most important actions to take in helping your business grow.


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