Why Should I Hire a Freelance Writer?

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

You're managing your business, running your social media channels, and you've started working on your website. For a small business owner, you think you're doing pretty well. So why spend money to hire a freelance writer? After all, you're pretty sure you can churn out a couple of blogs. And you have a few posts up, although you know you should probably be posting more. And you website is active, if a bit bare-boned.

But honestly blogging and website copy? That has to wait until after you get this month's inventory done and the orders in. And finally touch-up that corner where the paint chipped. And then there's the networking you have to do. You really should invest time getting out to meeting people and spread the word about your business. And what will next month's feature be?

If the only person managing all that is you, a freelance writer gives you the greatest gift of all: time.

The content that is distributed via your website, your social media channels, your blog: it is your voice, your brand, your business. It is you. And if it's not well-done and not targeted and not engaging, your brand falls flat at best, or is tarnished at worst. Think about how many items your scroll past in your emails, or if you're browsing the web, or scanning Instagram. You want your content to be the kind that captures people's attention, draws them in, and sells your brand.

If you’re in the process of creating a new website, product, or advertisement, or are looking to strengthen your existing brand, it’s worth hiring a copywriter to ensure that your messaging is spot on. Your content is your sales pitch: and it will either be working for you or against you. (Freelancewriting.com)

Creating meaningful content requires a time investment that many business owners simply don't have. Inconsistent blogging, website content that isn't clear or informative, emails that never get opened, advertising copy that is missing your target audience; these may not be keeping you up at night right now, but they lead to lost costumers, slower business and dropped engagement. And those things will keep small business owners awake.

woman working on laptop
Creating engaging content takes a time investment that many business owners simply don't have.

Creating engaging content requires:

  • Knowing and understanding your target audience. What do they want? What are their interests? What time of day are they typically online? Are they browsing or ready to buy?

  • Research, research and more research. Everything from keywords, to audience insights, to supporting material.

  • Writing with a consistent voice. Your brand voice must be woven through every piece that is published. This solidifies who you are to your customers and potential customers.

  • Marrying data and emotion. Simply knowing your audience won't get you the engagement you want. Your content must create an emotive reaction, a desire to learn more. Your content must be compelling, a skill that takes time and experience to truly hone.

Creating engaging, brand-specific content requires time. And time is the one thing that, as you probably already know and feel, you simply do not have enough of. The good news? You have an out.

Freelance writers are not only experienced in creating powerful, brand-driven content, that is the only thing they do. They have the time to tend to that very important aspect of your business, making your blogs, your emails, your website content, your brand shine, while you can devote your hours to managing what matters most to you: your business.

The #1 reason to hire a freelance writer is to give yourself the gift of time. Rather than spreading your own resources too thinly (especially if you are your only resource), delegate the creation of content that will drive your brand to an expert who will do so effectively and efficiently.

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