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Homepage REfresh

You should feel confident in your homepage.

You’ve already put a ton of time and energy into building your homepage. Yet you still have doubts about how well it’s converting.

Maybe it's the layout that's not working for you. Maybe it's something as simple as the words you've chosen.

The fact is:

If the content on your homepage isn’t optimized, you’ll never see the conversions you deserve.

You can put over a decade of copywriting and marketing experience behind your homepage content. With the Homepage REfresh package, you will receive a full analysis of the copy, design, and optimization of your homepage, plus recommendations you can implement right away.

You're ready for a REfresh.

The triple-play feature of the Homepage REfresh.


Is your website design and copy built to pull people into your brand? This analysis will check for design flaws, copywriting missteps, voice inconsistency, SEO opportunities, and grammatical errors.


Based on your analysis, you will be provided with customized recommendations to improve your homepage. Copy updates are included in the package fee, with no extra cost.


If you're using Google Analytics for website metrics, we'll benchmark performance. If you're not, this package includes a basic tutorial on Analytics fundamentals. 

Package Pricing

Consultations are always free.

The Homepage REfresh package is a $525 value. With this limited-time offer you can access the triple-play benefits of a REfresh for just $300.

Discounted pricing ends on June 30, 2020.

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